Whispers From the Grave by Leslie Rule

17-year-old Jenna has just moved to ... a ... place by ... the beach. Okay, I don't remember where. But she's moved into an old house left to her family by an aunt. And she's in the attic going through shit with her "friend" Suki. I say "friend" because really Suki just lives nearby and Jenna's super annoyed by her and feels that Suki is going to fuck with her social standing in school. And she's unkind about Suki's looks. So now we know Jenna's a piece of shit. Great. So she finds a diary from the 1970s , which was 100 years ago (whoa, that means it's the future!), kept by a girl named Rita, who looked exactly like Jenna. Whoaaaahhhh!


So Suki insists that Jenna come meet her Uncle Terry, aka Dr. Grady, who works at a lab nearby. And she walks into a group of people practically salivating over her. And Dr. Grady's like, "Hey, want a job doing benign psychological experiments?" And she's like, "Sure." And Suki's like, "Wait til you see who else I asked." And Jenna's like, "Okay, whatever, I don't like you." So Jenna walks home and runs into a nice old man named Mr. Edwards, who's blind. And he's like, "Don't walk here at night. A girl was murdered here once." And she gets home and brings it up to her parents and they're like, "No one was murdered. That guy's crazy." And it's like, Okay, no he clearly isn't, but whatever. Also, at some point they did find an old fisherman's body in a cave or something, so let's not act like people haven't died here, okay?

So Jenna is home and gets a video call from Suki's crush, Kyle. He was invited to participate. Nice try, Suki! But this is not gonna go your way, girl. So Kyle's hitting on Jenna, blah blah blah. And then Jenna reads some of Rita's diary. She's complaining about her boyfriend, Ben, because Ben stood her up and was talking to a blonde at a beach bonfire. Also, Ben drinks too much.

So then Jenna shows up to the lab and Suki is there and Kyle is there and so is every popular kid at school. Nice try, Suki! And for some reason Jenna brings up the fact that Mr. Edwards said a girl was murdered on the beach and everyone's like, "Whoa really?" And Jenna says where she heard that and Suki's like, "LOL MR. EDWARDS IS CRAZY YOU'RE SO GULLIBLE." And again, since when is this guy crazy, but whatever. Cut to Jenna throwing Suki under the bus to get in good with the popular kids. And it's like, Fuck off, Jenna, you do not hook up with a person's crush at the thing she arranged to get closer to said crush. Not cool. So then she watches some dice fall down a thing and they're like, "Try to make them come up fives." So she does and she's pretty good at it and the lab assistant is like, "Cool, you have psychokinesis powers just like your sister." And Jenna's like, "Excuse? I don't have a sister." And the assistant is all, "NEVERMIND JK JK JK JK JK JK."

So Jenna goes home and is like, "Hey, Mom. Do I have a sister?" And Mom is like, "NOPE WHAT A WEIRD QUESTION." And blah blah blah and Jenna reads Rita's diary some more and blah blah blah and oh, shit, Mr. Edwards fell off a cliff! And Kyle saw it happen! And everyone's like, "Oh, so sad, he shouldn't have been up there, he was blind." And Jenna's like, "That makes no sense, he wouldn't have done that." And everyone is like, "Well, he was crazy, so that's probably why." And it's like, WHO STARTED THIS MR. EDWARDS IS CRAZY NARRATIVE?

So then there's school or something and Kyle gives Jenna a ride or something and drives off before Suki can get in and he sucks. And then blah blah blah testing diary blah blah blah and then there's a magic visor that increases brainwaves and at some point, I forget why, but Jenna starts asking questions about a sister again. And Dr. Grady is like, "Sorry, I promised your mom she would be the one who gets to tell you." And, uh, hi, Dr. Grady, I don't think this counts as not telling, you dick. So Jenna asks her mom again and uh oh, turns out she came from a frozen embryo in the 20th century and because of some diary stuff we know Rita's her sister and that's why they look alike and Rita had PK abilities too and Jenna's mad at her mom and uh oh, turns out Ben murdered Rita in 1970. Whoops!

So then there's this weird ambiguous period where Jenna is getting super good at the magic visor or something? And then she up and steals it! And Suki helps her escape because it turns out she was a frozen embryo too and has PK ability, but she was raised by scientists instead of a family. And Suki's like, "Hey, if you pull this off, find my mom and tell her I forgive her." And it's like, Man I wish this book were about Suki because she's a CLASS ACT. So Jenna goes back to protect Rita from Ben and turns out she was the blonde he was talking to at the bonfire and it's like, Duh, that's how time travel works, you are making things happen just by trying to unmake them. But then, no, turns out she CAN change the past? So, like, her being a blonde and not changing the past before was like a failed try? And Leslie Rule's like, "I don't feel the need to explain this." And we're like, Okay I guess we have no choice here.

So blah blah blah she introduces herself to Rita and Rita knew about the embryo, so she believes Jenna and YAY SISTERS! And they're best friends. And Jenna meets the young Mr. Edwards and keeps him from going blind in an accident, hooray! And Rita introduces her to this young lab assistant Skye, who's now experimenting with the visor because his mentor disappeared. And he's claiming he made the visor. And it's like, Okay, um, why would he claim that just because his mentor left? RED FLAG, LADIES. But they're like, "What's a red flag?" And we're like, "Ugh, whatever, keep being a book."

So Jenna admits to Skye that she's from the future and Rita's going to be murdered and he's like, "Whoa, that's awful, we better keep Rita away from Ben." And Jenna tells Rita Ben is going to murder her, and Rita gets mad. And then they take a fun day trip to Seattle and Jenna finds Suki's mom and is like, "Your frozen embryo daughter forgives you." And Suki's mom is like, "Da fuq?" And then the night comes and the visor is missing or whatever and then blah blah blah, Jenna saves Rita and it turns out Skye was going to murder her, not Ben, because she's the only one who knew about the visor, and he'd murdered his mentor for it. And guess what? That's the dead body I mentioned above that they thought was some random fisherman! Fun detail! And then Jenna goes back blah blah blah and everything's different because she changed the world and Suki isn't there anymore. Because of what Jenna said to Suki's mom, her mom decided to unfreeze her embryo and have Suki and so Suki was born in the 1970s and was named Nan and it looks like she had a nice life and we're like, "Yay, Suki! You deserved this!" And then blah blah blah, Jenna still hangs out with old lady Rita because she's still alive and it's like, "Aw, that's nice."

End of book.

P.S. Oh! And shitty Kyle pushed Mr. Edwards off the cliff to keep Rita’s murder a secret because Skye was his grandfather and confessed the secret of the visor to him. Luckily, Mr. Edwards never went blind and became an artist and Kyle was never born. Oh, but Mr. Edwards did die trying to save some of his paintings in a fire. So ... y’know, you win some, you lose some.